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- 24, male, North Carolina, dominant, loves giving oral to her, rubbing her clit while I fuck her, and painting her cervix with my cum.

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She moans as she convulses around him, unaware that at the same time her orgasm started, he was unloading inside her…


My boyfriend and I got in the cab coming home from the airport before we realized we didn’t have any money. I asked the cab driver if we could work something out and he smiled as he fired up the camera on his dashboard. Of course, all the condoms were in the luggage and that was safely in the trunk, so I had to ride my boyfriend bare as a stranger watched and told us what to do. When he told my boyfriend to shoot his load in my pussy, I begged for it too.

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I have masturbated to your blog every night since I found it. Words cannot describe how badly I want your dick filling my pussy going balls deep and dumping our load inside me. My tight little pussy could barely contain you.

come off anon. i don’t bite.

Anonymous asked:
Earlier I told you about my boyfriend. It's not necessarily his size it's that he doesn't seem to care about my pleasure at all. He is not dominant in the slightest. I am having to resort to masturbating sometimes twice a day just to keep myself in check. My pussy is aching to be filled by a dick. My fingers just aren't doing it.

Not caring about your pleasure is worse than having a small dick. If he can’t or won’t reciprocate that passion and desire to make you cum, then you need to leave. I was trying to be nice before, but if a guy only cares about his pleasure and not his partner’s pleasure, then he needs to stay at home and do it himself.

Anonymous asked:
I would let you use me for days

come off anon. you’ll find out a lot more.

Anonymous asked:
My boyfriend has a tiny tiny dick. He has never been able to make me cum and never has sex with me because he is afraid of getting me pregnant. I need my pussy to be used and filled over and over again until it's pouring out of me. What should I do?

Without major surgery, he can’t get bigger. Unless you can convince him he won’t knock you up, he won’t fill you. He could be the nicest guy alive, but you need that release and filling. You should find someone that can do that for you. I am a perfect candidate, but apparently nobody on tumblr lives close to me.


I never imagined going swimming with my brother would end up with us like this…

Only one thing left to do and 9 months to enjoy the results.

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too much on, not enough in. i guess i will have to push it back inside her and pump my load again to make sure she takes.

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Depositing my seed nice and deep, I’ll hold you just like this, to let it seep in. 

Watching her cum makes my cock harder, my lust more intense, and my innate need to ravage her explodes. She is a tremendously beautiful thing and watching her cum because of me is one of the best feelings I could possibly have. Hopefully she’ll be able to keep up. I won’t want to stop.

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Recently seen a lot of “monster cocks” on my dash and male bloggers making jokes (seriously or not) about their own size being lacking in comparison. Porn has seriously warped your idea of what girls may or may not find pleasurable. As stated earlier to a friend, if you’re pushing my kidneys out of the way, it’s time to gtfo.

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So I just realized we live in the same location . I want nothing more than to be held down by you with my legs spread wide ... I need you to put a baby in me sir .

come off anon and we can talk about it.

who wants to feel my cum dripping out of them?

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