A Load Deep Inside Her

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rva2011 asked: I want to come up behind you in the kitchen while you're wearing a skirt and sneak up behind you and grab your ass hard under your skirt then with the other hand put pressure on your pussy! Then immediately dropping your panties and bending you over the counter and shoving my hard cock deep in your pussy. Grabbing a hand full of your hair and pull your head back as I slam deep inside your dripping pussy! Do you have kik?!

I don’t think I am what he thinks I am.

Anonymous asked: What are you doing right now?

answering this question, hoping people wouldn’t stay on anon all the time…

Anonymous asked: I'm very horny tonight and have no one to take care of this, tell me what to do?

I don’t know who I am talking to. I can’t do anything.

Anonymous asked: Would you ever fuck someone you met on tumblr, even if they lived in another country?

After getting to know them some, yes.

she can barely stand up after that. i wonder what she would do if I put my cock in after. 

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