A Load Deep Inside Her

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Anonymous asked:
I could take a load from you. Plant it as deep in my pussy as you can reach. I hope it's *really* deep...

Any pussy I cum inside, I don’t plan on seeing any of the cum drip out.


She was ovulating and she knew he was close.. Her leg was up.. she was waiting for the grunt and crash inside her she would feel as every drop spilled over her cervix. 

her biological mission would be complete.


When you’re spooning, you look into her eyes, you begin to grunt, and then you shoot a massive load into her… she moans and gasps as she knows you just bred her, that thought gets you hard again so you can shoot another load deep into her, you know you’re doing your job as nature intended.

I can’t look away. Damn they would be so good in my hands.



I want to try this! Please please pretty please

Oh my gosh…I don’t know if I could handle this.

I have the oil. All I need now is the girl.

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Anonymous asked:
Daddy, it's been days. Do you not want me anymore? 😢😢😢

I don’t know who this is so how can I answer that?

it’s sexy, but a shame he pulled out. be a real man and pump it in her pussy.

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I love it when the women I breed, locks their legs and milks the seed from me, it makes baby making so much more satisfying.

makes me cum so much harder when women do this.

and the “one post that I want to do right now” award goes to…

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move your hand.

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It had started as a blind brunch date, and neither of them had expected it would turn out this way, but the chemistry between them had been immediately undeniable.

Once they were inside her apartment, they barely spoke, but as he was letting her skirt fall to the floor, she’d warned him they’d have to be careful because she wasn’t on birth control. Neither of them was sure quite how that would play out, but they had taken it slow, kissing and teasing and licking and sucking, until finally the shaft of his hard cock lay between the swollen folds of her wet pussy. They rocked their hips together, slipping and sliding as he teased her firm nipples with the tip of his tongue.

"So…" she began, "What should we… do?" She knew it was stupid not to ask if he had a condom, and yet she didn’t.

For a moment, he relished how the feel of his bare cock sliding against her slick pussy lips made him reckless. “I want to be inside you,” he said. He felt a dizzying freedom simply for having told the truth, dimly aware of her earlier warning.

"But… I… I could…" As these objections and more died on her lips, she found herself reaching between the two of them to grasp his straining cock, and he raised himself obligingly. "It’s my most…" She’d nearly said "fertile time" but was suddenly unsure it was a reason to stop what was happening. She realized she had placed the head of his cock at her entrance and was making small circles, teasing both of them while she…

"Oh, God," he said, "I…" He began to lower his hips involuntarily, and she felt his cockhead slip through her fingers and enter her slowly, opening her to him. She released him, then, letting her arms fall back, relaxed. He worked his way into her tight pussy in short, slow strokes, and the relief she felt at having given up the struggle with herself was almost as great as the pleasure of being filled with his cock.

When he finally bottomed out in her, balls resting against her ass, something in him made him search her expression, but he saw only anticipation. So he slowly withdrew from her and, in one long, slow stroke, buried himself in her again, balls-deep.

"Oh… my… god…" she said, "So… good…" It had been such a long time that she’d nearly forgotten how it felt. It had been even longer since she’d done this without a condom, and although she’d made her decision, she was still aware of the risk she was taking.

"Yes…" he said, thrusting into her a little harder. He leaned down and licked and nibbled on her nipples as they fucked. She couldn’t help thinking of the pre-cum he must already be leaking into her fertile pussy, and, now that she had decided to let this happen, the idea of it didn’t seem so…

He came up for air but didn’t stop driving his thick, rigid cock into her in firm, deep strokes. “Babe,” he said, “This… doesn’t seem very… careful…” What a gentleman, she thought, half-seriously, but of course he was right; they weren’t being careful at all.

"I know…" she said, "I…" She wasn’t sure what to say next. Telling him to stop seemed completely wrong. In fact, part of her wanted to tell him something else… But oh, being full of his hard, naked cock felt so overwhelmingly right that she couldn’t manage to say much of anything.

"Should I pull out?" he asked.

That too sounded wrong, but it was an option. She tried to consider it while reaching down to start circling her clit with her middle finger. She wanted to cum on his cock and make him feel her clench him tight and send him over the edge. She wanted to feel his cock pulse and fill her with the spreading warmth of his semen.

"No," she said, finally, "I want… you to cum inside me…" Saying it felt better than she would have guessed. He moaned as he realized what she meant, and it made her decide they might as well enjoy this to the fullest. "I want you to… shoot… right up… against my cervix." God, that sounded good. "Can you do that?"

He nodded, and they both realized that although the risk of making a baby right here and now was scary it was also tremendously hot. Accepting it could happen liberated them both to revel in the reason fucking felt so great. “My balls…” he said, “have such a… big load… for you…”

The thought of being full of millions of his sperm searching for her egg pushed her closer to orgasm. God, she wanted to feel that, and they were both getting close. “Shoot it, baby,” she said to him, “Shoot that cum in me… Make me… pregnant…” And with a knowing flick of her middle finger on her clit she was over the edge and cumming, the contractions starting to build, squeezing his cock.

"Oh, god," he said as his own orgasm began, the pressure behind the base of his cock finally erupting. His cock and balls convulsed together as he threw himself deep into her clutching cunt and shot his sperm-rich semen against her cervix. Jet after powerful jet of his potent seed filled her pussy until he’d almost emptied his balls in her. And when their orgasms subsided, he locked eyes with her as he deliberately squeezed his last few little spurts of cum into her, and she felt him do it and knew why and enjoyed it.