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Anonymous asked: I'm very horny tonight and have no one to take care of this, tell me what to do?

I don’t know who I am talking to. I can’t do anything.

Anonymous asked: Would you ever fuck someone you met on tumblr, even if they lived in another country?

After getting to know them some, yes.

she can barely stand up after that. i wonder what she would do if I put my cock in after. 

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why would you cum anywhere else?

why would you cum anywhere else?

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Anonymous asked: Kinks?

besides the obvious creampie and impregnation fetishes, I love being dominant and controlling. I love having my “little girl” do what I say if I am around her or not. That feeling of power gets me going. I do sometimes like to let the girl take over, though. also, huge turn on for me is when I get to tease the girl, whether it be physical or emotional. watching her body react and her lust bubble up as I get her hornier and hornier gets my cock raging and ready to fuck.