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- 24, male, North Carolina, dominant, loves giving oral to her, rubbing her clit while I fuck her, and painting her cervix with my cum.

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I have one rule: if you cum inside of me without making me come, you are going to lick my pussy until I come too, no complainings.

I’m pretty confident I won’t need to. 


I shaved <3

Her ass is spectacular. I would love to feel that slapping my stomach as I take her from behind, her hair in my hand, controlled. You never pull out with this girl.

Watching anime with a vibrating butt plug in. My cunt is DRIPPING wet.


just waiting for 1 or more cocks to overflow my cunt with their hot loads.

I want to see that right now. Fuck.


Mmm I like the idea of people in the room watching me get fucked and/or waiting for their turns

I’ll go first ;) hopefully I knock you up right then.


Her throbbing Pussy…

the way she contracts and throbs. ugh. her incredibly tight pussy would never let one drop of cum leak out.



this pussy is spectacular. my cock gets hard just thinking about pushing inside her and unloading my potent seed. 



couldn’t agree more. who wants to ride me like that?

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not sure how long I would last before letting her take the head of my cock in her mouth.

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The slut gets to see his balls tighten up and his cock unload into her fertile pussy. That’s the last time she’ll ever get to wear that bathing suit.

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Anonymous asked:
You're in NC I'm in NC. We should fuck

get off anon and you might improve your chances.

watching women cum is the biggest aphrodisiac.

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Anonymous asked:
I wish I could work you up for a while with my mouth before begging you to knock me up and pass on your genes.

who says you cant? come off anon.

This week I’ve just been so horny all the time.


My cunt is dripping wet. I need some cock. I want to be gang banged and rode hard. I need to be fucked on the ass and dp’d. My holes are here for you to use.

And where are you again? I have multiple loads of cum with her name on it.