A Load Deep Inside Her

- 24, male, North Carolina, dominant, loves giving oral to her, rubbing her clit while I fuck her, and painting her cervix with my cum.

- My outlet for exploring and enjoying my creampie/impregnation fetishes.

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"You can look away all you want, but that just indicates that you’re struggling to hold it even more. My pussy can do this all night, but your cock on the other hand… Your poor cock can only last so long I’m afraid before the dam gives way and you helplessly, but aggressively pump your load of baby juice all up inside me. That’s it, I can feel you twitching. That’s a good boy. You just go ahead and fight if you need to. That means you’re only going to shoot it even harder and deeper inside me"  


He didn’t want to. He knew she was going to trap him with a baby. But the pure, seductive lust in her eyes had him hypnotized. Her pleasure was the driving force behind his desire. He would do anything for her. Even give her the baby she had been begging him for.



They should be on my shoulders…

Dropped the bomb


Lol so to speak anyway ;)

What the heck am I talking about you might ask? Well, I’ve been fertile since Thursday (wet and horny as hell too) and just now I felt the familiar pinch of my egg releasing, meaning now I’m ovulating! ♥

Now if only I had a nice thick cock with a load (or 5) of potent sperm ready to fuck my fertile little pussy, then I’d be totally set

You need to be filled with my potent cum.

my god she needs to be milked.



She didn’t want to get pregnant, not at all. But she had craved playing the risk game for a long, long time. She had spent months trying to convince her bf to go all the way with her and shoot his semen all up into her pussy. He had been very reluctant, even telling her flat-out “no” at first many times. But she had been persistent. Her vagina had basically commanded her to keep trying to convince him.

Finally, he had caved, and now they were both having the best sex of their lives. She talked to him through gasps and moans about “playing the game”, and how that was so much fun and felt so good. Risky sex was so hot, especially when you didn’t want to have a kid. She thought about how fucked her life would become if she really did get pregnant, and how she would forfeit her body and her future if she happened to be unlucky. That gamble was so exciting and dangerous to her.

She knew that they wouldn’t be playing the game for real, though, until he shot his first spurt of cum deep inside her. She told him that he had to do that, in order for them to both feel really good and get off hard. She knew he wouldn’t be able to say no. He was just seconds away from doing it — from bursting his first shot of sperm up into her — and she couldn’t wait to roll the dice.

Hot…. ;)

That lustful smile.


"Who’s pussy is this princess?"
“Yours, Daddy.”
“Good Girl.”


My pussy for daddy ;)

the wetness would feel amazing wrapped around my cock.

Anonymous asked:
I want to see what you look like 😁 god I wish I lived near you, maybe you could help me out with my needs?

Some people know what I look like. I just have to get to know you first. Getting off anon would be a good start.

Anonymous asked:
I can't come off anon because I don't have a tumblr but holy fuck, your blog turns me on so much... I'm very lucky my roomie is away for the weekend.

All the cool kids have tumblr. also, if you need an extra hand (or a cock), dont be afraid to ask ;)